20 Aug

We are the NEW Fashionable  lounge of Wasington, DC. Darnell’s (Backroom) Bar (the former Mocha Lounge) is an intimate new tavern poised to serve as a social hub of the vibrant U Street/Shaw corridor. Neatly tucked at the corner of Florida Avenue and W Street in northwest, a quick jaunt from the U Street/Cardoza Metro (Green Line) welcomes you to one of the most alluring venues in the city. Adorned with classic art and eclectic decor, the lounge is a quaint second home. With a lively backroom bar and alfresco seating on the sidewalk and patio, an evening at Darnell’s is like having a cocktail party at your friend’s–and amongst your friends.

‎”Isn’t it funny the way some combinations of words can give you—almost apart from their meaning—a thrill like music? It is because I know that you can feel this magic of words AS words that I do not despair of teaching you to appreciate poetry: or rather to appreciate all good poetry, as you now appreciate some.” -Clive Staples Lewis


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