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30 Aug

Can you believe were going into September already? Wow, does time fly when you’re having fun. As we approach our 19th month of opening the doors at 944 Florida Avenue NW, corner of Florida & W. Sometimes I have to pinch myself knowing that my dream has become a reality! Have learned a lot in these 19 months, & still learning the bar business, but most importantly my main objective and, being a humanitarian/philanthropist, bringing people together. I have made great friends here at the spot, I love you all so much! And, like I said before thank you for letting me be my genuine self.


What I’ve learned on my journey is purpose and destiny, and I’m fortunate to walk the walk that was prepared for me even before I was born. I am Darnell, no longer Perkins, just Darnell and with that said what you see, is what you get.



I love you and always remember, to be happy!!


Darnell & Taylor


Happy Friday!

19 Aug

OMG this past week @ the spot has been amazing. Our Professionals happy hour yesterday was awesome! A lot of new faces which was a blessing. I would love to see tonight all of the pioneers @ the same time together in love & unity. I said that to say I miss you & I love you!!

It’s been 18 moths since we started out together & as we continue to grow I want you to be there, because the spot is not about me, its about you. Bringing people together in harmony. I love you all, hope to see you tonight & remember to be happy!!!!

Thank you!

18 Aug

Hello beautiful people, what a great weekend at our spot. Several birthday celebrations, which I loved! And, the energy that you all bring is priceless. I want you all to know that I’m very grateful to you for being so supportive & continuing to spread the word.. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

I have come a long way and could not have done it without you. We have a couple of new bartenders whom I have known for many years that are amazing. You guys will love them I’m sure. I do, great personalities and customer service skills. So if you have not met them yet, please do so. If you know anyone starting the journey of entrepreneurialship and working hard towards there goals I’m asking you all to support them and encourage them, even the guys selling the 1$ waters, buy 1. I was told a couple moths ago when I was complaining, which was forbidden in my household growing up, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I truly love you all and remember to be happy



Darnell & Taylor

TGIF @ Darnell’s tonight!

5 Aug

Every Friday old school house party starting at 8pm! Remember to be happy and to all pioneers of our spot don’t forget to invite a friend!

Love and Happiness
Darnell & Taylor

Greetings to one & all!

5 Aug

I was talking to uncle Talley earlier & he brought something to my attention that made me think of all of you. My 89 year old mentor/uncle said to me “You should be proud, you have amazing clientele. I enjoy the conversations every time I’m there. What an intelligent group of people.”

You have no idea how proud that made me & also it made me think about each and every one of you individually & I thought to myself he’s absoluetly corrent. You all make this place I just created the space where we all can come & enjoy each others company & be happy.

I love you all so much and thank you for making my dreams a reality. Be Happy!!

Darnell & Taylor