Greetings, what a great Wednesday!!

1 Sep

I woke up & as usual thanked god for allowing me to see another beautiful day, and did the unusual road my bike, lol and hit it to one of my favorite thrift stores & found two beautiful lamps for my guest house. Well at 10$ a lamp that matches my 50$ draperies I found a month ago, I was in decorating heaven. I love decorating my homes from second hand shops & putting my spin to the pieces.

With that said, in being happy even throws of you who are not doing what you love for a living. Do it on the side as a hobby remember its your gift from god, its what you were put on earth to do. its fulfilling it makes you happy. Recreating and turning nothing into something is what I do. It makes me smile it keeps the creative side of my brain alive.

Nothing beats a failure but a try. I encourage all of you to do what you love, use what god gave you the gift was given by god to be shared with all of us! I love you all from the bottom of my heart & thank you for letting be myself..

Darnell & Taylor


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