Happy Wednesday !!

7 Sep

I tell you time is moving right along, labor day 2011 has come & gone our children, nieces & nephews have returned back to school, hurricanes, and tornados, yes its a blessing to be here. And, not only are we here but to do our duties as humanitarians & help those who are in need.

I remember growing up surrounded by lots of aunties, uncles, & lots of love from family which we called at that time the village, through rough times the village made sure we, meaning myself, and siblings, kids in the neighborhood had school clothes, supplies, and whatever they needed to have produtive days.

I encourage all of you if you can if you know someone in need of help with making sure your nieces, nephews or a single mom in need making sure our children can leed productive days.  Lend a hand, it does not have to be a lot, as humanitarians the village its our duty.

Love you so much & thanks for walking this journey with me.

Remember to be!

Darnell & Taylor.


PS. In walking in purpose and destiny, is totally walking by faith and not by sight.


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