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Mondays Halloween Party INVITE!!!

26 Oct


Hello Darlings!

26 Oct


What a fantastic  past two weekends! Lots of fun! It was so good seeing all of my friends from Calvin Coolidge and Howard.


Time defiantly flies, but I will say you all look amazing. I do hope you are as proud of me, as I am of you. I encourage you all to continue to do great things and continue to serve as role models to our children.


I still believe in dreams and will always “Keep hope alive!”. I couldn’t stop thinking about you for the last couple weeks.


I mean talking to you all as adults; young doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, principals. I’ve been smiling even up until now! I’m trying my best to express it in words, but no words, can express how elated I am.


Love you, Love you, Love you!!


Darnell & Taylor





PS:  Look forward to viewing the pictures from both weekends soon!

HU Homecoming 2011!

23 Oct


Everything was fantastic!!! Lots of love and that’s what it’s all about, you all looked fantastic & happy! I really enjoyed the after party @ the guest house amongst close friends that I met at Howard and grew up with. This was the highlight of my weekend. I have been blessed with the same friends for over 20 years…


Mind you I’m writing this while everyone is alseep @ 5:30 in the morning!

Hello great people!

12 Oct

The weather has been amazing! I’m sure you agree. As we approach the holiday season, lets be mindful of the less fortunate.

On behalf of the bar & also the Be Happy! campaign, I’m asking you all to help us in donating canned goods for our food drive. Which will be donated to local food banks during the week of Thanksgiving.

Thank you so much!

You are the best!

My ode to you!

7 Oct

I love you all. And, I can’t say it enough. THANK YOU for all of your support and most importantly making my dream a reality!

Be Happy!

Darnell & Taylor


7 Oct

I’m happy to announce Friday, October 7th, we will be hosting Archbishop Carroll’s homecoming mixer happy hour starting at 5pm until. All are welcomed!

Hello beautiful people!

5 Oct

Can you believe we are in October already? What a blessing to have endured these past months of 2011. I’m happy to say my old stomping grounds, Calvin Coolidge High School homecoming will be October 14th and the reunion party, right after the game will be hosted here at 944 Florida Ave NW. Also the following weekend Howard University’s homecoming will be on the 22nd and right after the game, our 2nd annual day party will be hosted here as well. Time flies when your having fun! Homecoming again? Well, you all still look good, keep up the good work!