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22 Nov

Yesterday of course my day off, I had the pleasure of visiting my good friend Pat Roberts. I tell you, maybe I’ve been out of touch but this guy is AMAZING! He designs; lamps, made out of all types of woods, Custom wood doors, and cabinetry. He actually showed me a dining room table he designed for a family. If you don’t believe me please check him out for yourself

I don’t know pricing, but whatever his price is PAY IT, I promise what he produces would be far more than you can ever imagine.


I can’t explain it…

21 Nov

But, finally I understand, when you let go and let God… You trust him totally! I can testify you have never let me down. You have always ordered my steps & prepared the way for me. I love you God and thanks for choosing me. I love you I love you I love you!! Never let me down!


16 Nov

Ok you guys have got to here this one, you all know I’m normally off on Mondays & my favorite places to go cock tailing & dinner in DC is Old Ebbit Grill and The Palm. Well this Monday I was working in my very quaint small guest house in SE & enjoyed Denny’s; turkey bacon, eggs, & yes I ate the pancakes (carbs!). It was so gooood! I love neighborhood spots. Even though places to go east of the river is far and few in between. Denny’s, I will be back!

11 Nov

You’re surrounded by suits, ties, and stress all day — the last place you want to be after work is a crowded, flashy bar.

Nestled in between U Street and Shaw, this watering hole boasts a cozy, welcoming, and lounge-like atmosphere that’s ideal for a relaxing evening.

When you’re not playing board games or sipping cocktails with friends, enjoy delightful comfort eats like mac ‘n’ cheese, jerk chicken wings, and collard greens.

And while you’re sitting on antique couches chowing down on rice and beans, glance over to the bar and you might see Darnell himself mixing drinks.

What a fantastic weekend at the spot.

9 Nov

It was like a reunion, family, childhood friends, lots of great food and music. God has been so good to me, even when I feel like giving up, I think about all of you who not only support the business but always there to encourage me to go on.

You all are the best and I have been so blessed to have the true pioneers of Darnell’s in my life.

Together we stand and divided we fall, another old favorite, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

As a third generation humanitarian/ philanthropist thanks for standing with me in our fight for education and our upcoming Thanksgiving drive for Central Union Mission. We here at Darnell’s will sponsor 10 tables. I love you guys & Thanks again for being a part of my life!!!!

D & T

Happy November!

2 Nov

As we approach Thanksgiving, please help me in donating to the Central Union Mission. I have already contacted them and informed them that we here at Darnell’s will be responsible for 10 tables. It is our duty always to help those in need. During these trying times still maintaining work, family, and life. Don’t forget being apart of Darnell’s we all are humanitarians and philanthropist. The Central Union Mission is located 1350 R St NW, each table is $59.40. I have already started collecting donations for our Thanksgiving dinner drive for the mission. I would like to present the mission with our monies no later than November 21st. If you’re writing a check please make it out to, “Central Union Mission”. You guys and gals are the best! P.S Go to my Facebook page and see if you recognize me!