Hi Hunchies

15 Dec

Hi Hunchies, (thats my new word for hunnies) this may really sound crazy to some and others I’m sure can relate. When I finally decided to let go and let god and walk in purpose and destiny. I found true happiness and for whatever reason I think less about myself and more about others. Things that used to matter don’t necessarily matter anymore. Of course I want to live a quality life but that does not mean materialism. 


Yea, in my day I spent a lot of money on appearance and don’t get me wrong, I still love to live and look good. But, now I only get dressed when I absolutely feel like it, I love to mix and match weather is furnishing a home or my wardrobe. And to be honest with you a lot of my favorite pieces come from the thrift store/antique shops/ and eBay.


 Funny story my salesman from Nieman Marcus called me and informed me about a sale they were having I was so excited and ready to make a couple purchases, mmmmmmhmmm but when I got there I saw absolutely nothing that I wanted to purchase. Then on the same day I visited the Salvation Army on Kenilworth Ave and found the most amazing cedar chest for the guest house.


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