23 Dec

Most of us know the mask we hide behind is garbage & when it shatters that’s when you know who’s the man. I encourage you to go through the fire knowing you will come forth as pure gold. You will get to the point in your life like I did. To totally depend on god, live a quality life, and make a difference in others lives. Don’t be broken and get in line of the mask. It’s the beginning of true happiness when you embrace who you are, you look at others differently, you become more understanding & compassionate to mankind.


In order to move forward you must forget those things which are behind & press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling. I have finally after all these years expcted the gifts that god has given me. Remember many are called but few are chosen. Being a 3rd generation humanitarian/philanthropist my goal in life is to spread love & bring all people together.


Together we stand and divided we fall. Happy Holidays to all of you & may God bless you all over the universe. I will pray for you and please pray for me. We are apart of God’s family & to my angels up in the sky, my sister Jamila, Grandma Perkins, Greg Ingram, Curtis Wilder, & Donna Arrington. I miss ya’ll and thanks for watching over me.


I love you all and remember to BE HAPPY!




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