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27 Jan

I encourage you to live your life like its golden, we only have one life to live, live it to the fullest!


Love you


and remember,






Food for thought…

27 Jan


Remember true love starts with loving yourself and being true to yourself. The worst form of loneliness is feeling lonely when you are with someone who makes you feel like shit and nine times out of 10 you both don’t share the same values…


Well when I was younger I found myself dealing with people were no good for me and when I was with them I was never myself. In a way I was not only using them for companionship at the same time being used.


When I became more intune with who I was, I started to appreciate and surround myself with people who truly loved me it became a no brainer.



The steps I took were 1, Knowing who I was and what I was put on Earth to do, 2, Practicing what I preach, walk the walk I talked about. No, I’m nowhere near perfect, but I have surrounded myself with great strong peole who have no problem correcting me.


As challenging as life can be if you don’t embrace who you are & love yourself, you will never find true love.


When you think about it… Do you really love him/her. lol…. not really?


I hope I don’t sound bitter, hell like my good Judy Tina said, ” What does love got to do with it?”, take it from me. There is a thin line between love and hate. I only love people who love me & the rest of them its not love, its not hate its nothing. Its being polite.


Good Morning, Hello, Good Evening, and bye-bye. I don’t say anything to strike up a conversation. I would never ask that particular indivdual how’re you doing. Well, you get what I’m saying. Bottom line, if your not using it… Kick rocks….


Ooops, did I say that?

His name is Simba..

18 Jan


I received a call today from my Uncle Tom, and he asked me to meet him briefly because he had a gift for me. Of course I begged him to tell me over the phone what my gift was. Well he replied, “You better hurry! I know your gonna love this gift!” 


I would like to introduce to all of you, the newest edition to our family, Simba!





Simba, 1yr Silky Terrier, Taylor’s baby brother.



18 Jan

I hope your week is going well and you’ve started tackling your New Year’s resolutions! Which I pray that you have, before you know it we will be walking around here in white tee’s and espadrilles. LOL! I’ll be honest I’m still eating fried chicken, potato salad, cake, and my new found love, I’m scared to say, Checkers Chill Dogs. OMG I love them! Please pray for me! I BEG YOU!


I went to see my doctor today for my yearly check-up and of course he put my fat ass on the scale and told me how important it is for me to include a little excerise in my everyday routine.


So I guess I’ll try again tomorrow..



PS. If any of you have any little “get skinny secrets’ please forward them to me!


11 Jan

 What a FAANTASTIC first week of 2012 at the spot! There’s so many beautiful people that come through the doors of 944 Florida Ave NW, if I didn’t know any better and had not invited them personally you would have thought I hand picked them myself. As you can see from the photos, which they say “Pictures are worth a thousand words and also they don’t lie!”. Even though I made it a point not to have a dress code here often times I’m doing a double take of the stylish folk that frequent my little place.


I would be lying to you if I were to tell you I don’t enjoy looking at such stylish, attractive, intelligent  people. But most importantly you all do it so easily! One of my favorite phrases I say to you, when I do a little whisper in your ear, “When you say your prayers tonight, you better thank god for your mom and dad for creating such a beautiful being”. And, then I say, call your mom and your dad and thank them for teaching you all that you know that has made you who you are today.


I love to meet family; moms, dads, aunties, uncles, etc. After meeting them which most of my pioneers I have, I honestly see where you all get your charm, your wit, your beauty, your style, your class. I personally have come a long way and I have such a long way to go. But I could not have come this far without you and your help.


2012 will be great with a little extra hard-work we will be opening come spring our Coffee Cafe (The Blind Dog Cafe @ Darnells). Noah and Jonas, pioneers of the spot will be running the Cafe and have been to several cupping’s choosing the right beans for the coffee that will be used and, several tastings  for the food that will be served.


You know I really appreciate you guys, I’m not going to lie a lot of times I felt like giving up, I also felt that my vision for this corner was only a dream. You all have encouraged me, supported me, and have been so loyal to me and, loved me. I can feel it, as we move forward I want you to know; The best is yet to come..




I love you all and THANK YOU for letting me be myself!


Remember “BE HAPPY!”

D & T


3 Jan

I must drop 30lbs starting now.

My best friend is a yoga instructor and has been getting on me for years telling me how good it makes you look and feel. I’ll take some yoga & stay the hell away from carbs! lol Which for me is like staying out of Neiman Marcus. So much to do…

I’ll get it done..

Oh I also need to get my drivers license which I’m studying the book as we speak..

Please pray that I pass the test I really don’t want to go through that again.

If you ever feel overwhelmed and think about giving up. I encourage you to do the best you can & if you fail one day… Try it again the next! at least put forth some effort & I guarente God will be right beside you and you will win.