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21 Mar


Surround yourself amongst positive people, people with goals, dreams and vision. I found out if you can think it, you can do it. And, a lot of times misunderstood, but I encourage you all to go for the gusto!


You only have one life to live brand who you are, all you have is your name. And, only you can present to the world who you are.


It takes constant thinking and a lot of work being consistent on how you can make life better for mankind.



One of the main reasons why I love the individuals that frequent the spot so much, its not because of what they do for a living, its because they are true humanitarians and any cause that the bar sponsors they support it 100%.

21 Mar

I’d rather be alone, then be amongst bad company.




Jordan with the…

14 Mar

Jordan with the lakers is such a talented basketball player. I can see why he’s paid 42 million!

I love to see people do there thing!


Its so encouraging to watch because there are so many great people that come to our spot every week to check on me.. 


You make me great!


I started my no…

8 Mar

I started my no carb, again… Nine days ago, and I lost 7 pounds!





 I’m sitting …

7 Mar


I’m sitting at the bar with Cedric, our Web Content Manager, and we we’re going through the pictures from this passed weekend. LOL, he saw quite a few hottie’s, and nudged me and said, “D, you shoulda called me! They we’re here like that! LOL!” 


I must admit theres a lot of good lookin’ folk that come through these parts. Not only do I find you attractive both male and female, but ya’ll some smart folk too! 




For those of you who have visited for the first time, or plan on visiting us, let me tell you a little bit about our spot..


1… All are welcomed!


2… No pretensio-ness allowed.




3.. I really don’t care what your profession is.. I want to get to know you and learn what makes you happy!


I am fortunate after all these many years I finally do what makes me happy, and thats socializing and having cocktails with all of you.

2 Mar

Whatever you are involved in, or whoever your involved with always be sure to have the right intentionas. Often times misunderstood but don’t worry about that..

Remember God knows you’re heart. We are here to serve mankind and not the author of confusion..


Be Happy