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OMG where do I start?!

25 Apr




Well, I took a few days off to go home(South Port, North Carolina) to spend some time with my folks, mommy and poppie. Words cannot express my experience at this time in my life at home.

I played pool, watched movies with my parents in the theatre room, ate home cooked meals prepared by my mom, all of my favorites. Her fresh green salads, beet salad, chicken salad, barbecue chicken, mac & cheese, fresh string beans, her warm toasted pita bread, and for desert, key lime pie. And, my moms favorite, fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

I really had a FAANTASTIC time, lots of laughing, talking, eating, loving, and a whole lot of sleep!

For all of you hard workers out there, entrepreneurs who are living there dreams, I encourage you at some point to take a rest. Even though it was only four days the experience will last me a lifetime. I will never forget this past weekend.

I have been very fortunate to have such great encouragers/mentors in my life, what a blessing for those of you who have not had my good fortune, family, friends, people encouraging you to be creative live your dream and you can make it. I’m here to be your encourager for you to follow your dream be your authentic self and follow the road that was laid for you, you will make it.

17 Apr

Ok you know I’m not racist and I love all people of all nationalities & I understand human behavior. I remembered a few years ago hanging out a few years ago hanging out in McLean, VA with a very dear friend of mine who happened to be occasion.


He was driving and we both were wasted.. Actually he was a lot more wasted then I was. That’s why I left my car & rode with him to make sure he got home safely.



For whatever reason the cops pulled him over and then asked him to get out of the vehicle and 2 min later he was back in the car driving us home.


Well I said all of that to say this.. I work late nights and ofter times have observed African American males pulled over handcuffed on the curb actually have experienced it myself…


I am 100 years old jokingly and have never seen that happen to any other race…


The reason I’m speaking on this now is because being African-American humanitarian & philanthropist & I consider myself to be a very strong person, my heart goes out for the young black males and females in my race. Failure is all around even when as a people are trying to do right, the enemy is all around to try and take you down.


I encourage all of you in my community my brothers & sisters of the black race to endure!!


And, please I beg you to continue to lift each other up & don’t tear down.



We get enough of that just being born..


And, for those of you who read my blog and are not African America, I’m only speaking from experience & my observation..


Please black America all over, build, mentor, encourage, help, feed, teach, love!!!!!!!!



I’m proud of a lot of things most importantly; I’m proud to be black!!!!!


 Do you ever f…

10 Apr


Do you ever feel like giving up??


Of course you do..


Well for those of us who have not. I wonder why?


Do you think its because of the prayers of those who love you or do you believe it’s in you’re DNA?..


Some of us were just born strong and born to make it no matter what!!


Well what ever keeps us holding on, I’m grateful!!


I have a feeling things will be great & one day will look back with my family, friends & young entrepreneurs telling my story from start to finish. I’m so grateful & happy that I finally learned what I have been told my entire life. 


Just be you & you’re gifts make room for you.


I pray we all find happiness!!


Which is the bottom line in every conversation, I always encourage folk to be happy!! 


Which is the name of my foundation, “Be Happy!”


Don’t know why I’m texting all of this to you.. Well anyway, I did!