Do you ever f…

10 Apr


Do you ever feel like giving up??


Of course you do..


Well for those of us who have not. I wonder why?


Do you think its because of the prayers of those who love you or do you believe it’s in you’re DNA?..


Some of us were just born strong and born to make it no matter what!!


Well what ever keeps us holding on, I’m grateful!!


I have a feeling things will be great & one day will look back with my family, friends & young entrepreneurs telling my story from start to finish. I’m so grateful & happy that I finally learned what I have been told my entire life. 


Just be you & you’re gifts make room for you.


I pray we all find happiness!!


Which is the bottom line in every conversation, I always encourage folk to be happy!! 


Which is the name of my foundation, “Be Happy!”


Don’t know why I’m texting all of this to you.. Well anyway, I did!




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