17 Apr

Ok you know I’m not racist and I love all people of all nationalities & I understand human behavior. I remembered a few years ago hanging out a few years ago hanging out in McLean, VA with a very dear friend of mine who happened to be occasion.


He was driving and we both were wasted.. Actually he was a lot more wasted then I was. That’s why I left my car & rode with him to make sure he got home safely.



For whatever reason the cops pulled him over and then asked him to get out of the vehicle and 2 min later he was back in the car driving us home.


Well I said all of that to say this.. I work late nights and ofter times have observed African American males pulled over handcuffed on the curb actually have experienced it myself…


I am 100 years old jokingly and have never seen that happen to any other race…


The reason I’m speaking on this now is because being African-American humanitarian & philanthropist & I consider myself to be a very strong person, my heart goes out for the young black males and females in my race. Failure is all around even when as a people are trying to do right, the enemy is all around to try and take you down.


I encourage all of you in my community my brothers & sisters of the black race to endure!!


And, please I beg you to continue to lift each other up & don’t tear down.



We get enough of that just being born..


And, for those of you who read my blog and are not African America, I’m only speaking from experience & my observation..


Please black America all over, build, mentor, encourage, help, feed, teach, love!!!!!!!!



I’m proud of a lot of things most importantly; I’m proud to be black!!!!!


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