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30 May
Greetings, I hope your memorial day weekend was as pleasant and memorable as mine. Chaka, one of my best friends since childhood, entertained a few friends in her lovely yard for an evening barbecue. And, when it began to rain, entertained us in her lovely home. Last but not least, Dedrick, who did an amazing job on the grill!

Lol, you thought I forgot you didn’t you buddy!

And, on Monday, my dearest friend Kristi Love, invited me to attend a family beach party at Chesapeake Beach. I can’t put into words what a great time I had. Angie and all of her family; her husband, son, her mom, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts & uncles, having a great time. Lots of grilling, with all the sides, cold waters, soda’s, beers, and one of my favorite, Berry Ciroc!

Oh, not to mention Uncle Richard and his boat!

I mean the music was faantastic and it was so enjoyable watching her family jump off of the boat into the ocean, priceless!
Before i started writing, I was looking through the pictures of all the many faces that walk though those doors, and I instantly smiled. OMG you all are so beautiful! Not only physically but your inner beauty is just as amazing.

I’ve sat with all of you and at one point or another engaged in conversation and you all are intelligent as well. I do enjoy watching quality people as you walk through those doors. WOW, I have been so blessed with such a gift from God, you all!

Thank you, I love you and I look forward to seeing you at the cocktail benefit on the 15th!


22 May

June 9th here at the bar we start the celebration! 

The pre-birthday party, 8pm I look forward to seeing you!

And, Friday June the 15th, my 15th annual cocktail dinner benefit. 7:30pm, at Eastern Market in the historic North Hall.

In lieu of gifts, a $40 tax deductible donation will be made. All proceeds will go to College Bound( 

Open bar, great food, and LIVE entertainment!

Cocktail attire a MUST!

You can purchase your tickets online, at ( ). Or you can purchase tickets at the bar starting tomorrow. 


You are the best! 




 Greetings! H…

16 May




Had a lovely Monday, started out paying a visit to my dad. And, of course having my dinner and cocktails at Clyde’s, Chevy Chase. Having a great conversation with Sabre, one of my favorite bartenders.


Driving home I had the spirit of gratefulness, words cannot express how grateful I am. My attitude is gratitude, weather you know or not. All of you have played a part in my dreams! Which has become my reality. 


If you want to ask the question; How did he do it? I would truly say, God did it. 


A message to the pioneers of Darnell’s, think about it this way, it’s your home and guests are coming and your not there. I said that to say you are defiantly an important part of the growth and development of Darnell’s, the face of the place. 


I miss you guys/gals and often think of you! If you don’t remember anything I said, most importantly I am extremely grateful to all of you!


Love you, and always remember to BE HAPPY!




I love you all …

4 May

I love you all so much and I appreciate the love you give me in return. You all are FAANTASTIC and no matter what always remember to BE HAPPY!


Darnell & Taylor


I tell you time…

4 May

I tell you time is moving so fast, next month I will be celebrating my birthday, the big day is June 6th, and we will be celebrating here for the pre-birthday party on June 9th 8p-until close.


Can’t wait to see all of you!


 I was just th…

4 May


I was just thinking, while talking to a friend over dinner at the spot. There times in our lives where we either make the right or wrong decisions, I always look at the heart of a person and a lot of times when we make a mistake we are judged based upon what we all do from time to time and that is make mistakes.


Being human..


I decided a long time ago not to ever be in judgement seat, but to encourage and love everyone, even when I don’t agree or believe something should have handled it differently. 


From my own experience, sometimes making the wrong decisions. Being judged for the mistakes that I have made. 


I guess what I’m saying is, we should all love unconditionally, we all make mistakes, its in our make up.


No one is perfect, NO ONE.


There are times in our lives and theres also times when theres a storm, which I’m sure we have all experienced both.


I also encourage you to persevere!


And, don’t take it personally, shit happens! 


Come one ya’ll, I have been persevering for the last 20 years, Just Do IT!


Remember time waits for no man. We all one day will me our creator. I pray  that you all achieve  and live up to your potential. I remember many years ago sitting in Mr. Bob Brudno’s office, chit-chatting. I was very young and had no clue as to who I was, and had no idea of my purpose in life.  


I remember My. Brudno saying these words to me.” I wish you saw in your self, what other people see in you.” 


Well I will say this..


I’m so grateful that I finally have seen the light!


I am Darnell, philanthropist, humanitarian, bar owner.


P.S. Thanks Bob, I will never forget you and your beautiful family and all of the invites on your boat and to Nantucket! 



You know what F…

4 May

You know what FUCK IT! 


Just do the damn thing! 


I’m a living witness, you WILL make it against all odds, thats a winner!


A winner always dreams the impossible!


My purpose in life is to bring all people together, in your spare time, glance through the photos of Darnell’s Bar.


I love it! 


There Asian’s, White’s, Black’s, Ethiopian’s, Spanish, Indian’s, Straight, Gay, whomever!


We all are a part of one universal family!


Of course I’m in business for profit.. I want Darnell’s, to be a staple in the DC metropolitan area! 


But, believe it or not thats not my number one goal.. “Business for profit”


My fulfillment comes by seeing my vision which many said was impossible, become a reality, which is priceless!


Remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste; who are you? and what were you put on earth to do I ask?