Happy Tuesday!

2 May

For me it’s Monday Evening, very relaxed sitting on my font porch. One Candle lit smoking a cigarette enjoying this lovely cool weather, I had a very productive day, accomplished everything I had to do on my to-do list. Praise be to GOD!


Of course I had dinner at one of my favorites, “Clyde’s”, Chevy Chase with Monica. We visited my dad at the VA medical center, who’s terminally ill, diagnosed with lugarics disease, please keep him in your prayers.(Milton Lewis Perkins)


Did a little grocery shopping and TONs of paperwork.


Yea, for me on my day off, that was a lot! LOL


With all that said, in our busy live’s and hectic work schedules always make time for family, and friends, for those of us who have some mending to do. 




No matter how dysfunctional are families are, take the time to send a text or call, just to check in as I call it.


I have been very fortunate to have my mom, and both dads, aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends, to check on me. I’m soooooooo blessed!


What I’m learning now is no matter how busy I am. Or, how many parties I’m hosting and just plane tired from a longs day’s work. I too must check in.


Let’s not take for granted the people that love us, pray for us, the folk who are rooting for us, it’s so easy to focus on the negative. When positivity is all around us. Let’s Celebrate each other by simply checking in!


Love you all,



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