I was just th…

4 May


I was just thinking, while talking to a friend over dinner at the spot. There times in our lives where we either make the right or wrong decisions, I always look at the heart of a person and a lot of times when we make a mistake we are judged based upon what we all do from time to time and that is make mistakes.


Being human..


I decided a long time ago not to ever be in judgement seat, but to encourage and love everyone, even when I don’t agree or believe something should have handled it differently. 


From my own experience, sometimes making the wrong decisions. Being judged for the mistakes that I have made. 


I guess what I’m saying is, we should all love unconditionally, we all make mistakes, its in our make up.


No one is perfect, NO ONE.


There are times in our lives and theres also times when theres a storm, which I’m sure we have all experienced both.


I also encourage you to persevere!


And, don’t take it personally, shit happens! 


Come one ya’ll, I have been persevering for the last 20 years, Just Do IT!


Remember time waits for no man. We all one day will me our creator. I pray  that you all achieve  and live up to your potential. I remember many years ago sitting in Mr. Bob Brudno’s office, chit-chatting. I was very young and had no clue as to who I was, and had no idea of my purpose in life.  


I remember My. Brudno saying these words to me.” I wish you saw in your self, what other people see in you.” 


Well I will say this..


I’m so grateful that I finally have seen the light!


I am Darnell, philanthropist, humanitarian, bar owner.


P.S. Thanks Bob, I will never forget you and your beautiful family and all of the invites on your boat and to Nantucket! 



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