You know what F…

4 May

You know what FUCK IT! 


Just do the damn thing! 


I’m a living witness, you WILL make it against all odds, thats a winner!


A winner always dreams the impossible!


My purpose in life is to bring all people together, in your spare time, glance through the photos of Darnell’s Bar.


I love it! 


There Asian’s, White’s, Black’s, Ethiopian’s, Spanish, Indian’s, Straight, Gay, whomever!


We all are a part of one universal family!


Of course I’m in business for profit.. I want Darnell’s, to be a staple in the DC metropolitan area! 


But, believe it or not thats not my number one goal.. “Business for profit”


My fulfillment comes by seeing my vision which many said was impossible, become a reality, which is priceless!


Remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste; who are you? and what were you put on earth to do I ask?


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