Greetings! H…

16 May




Had a lovely Monday, started out paying a visit to my dad. And, of course having my dinner and cocktails at Clyde’s, Chevy Chase. Having a great conversation with Sabre, one of my favorite bartenders.


Driving home I had the spirit of gratefulness, words cannot express how grateful I am. My attitude is gratitude, weather you know or not. All of you have played a part in my dreams! Which has become my reality. 


If you want to ask the question; How did he do it? I would truly say, God did it. 


A message to the pioneers of Darnell’s, think about it this way, it’s your home and guests are coming and your not there. I said that to say you are defiantly an important part of the growth and development of Darnell’s, the face of the place. 


I miss you guys/gals and often think of you! If you don’t remember anything I said, most importantly I am extremely grateful to all of you!


Love you, and always remember to BE HAPPY!




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