30 May
Greetings, I hope your memorial day weekend was as pleasant and memorable as mine. Chaka, one of my best friends since childhood, entertained a few friends in her lovely yard for an evening barbecue. And, when it began to rain, entertained us in her lovely home. Last but not least, Dedrick, who did an amazing job on the grill!

Lol, you thought I forgot you didn’t you buddy!

And, on Monday, my dearest friend Kristi Love, invited me to attend a family beach party at Chesapeake Beach. I can’t put into words what a great time I had. Angie and all of her family; her husband, son, her mom, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts & uncles, having a great time. Lots of grilling, with all the sides, cold waters, soda’s, beers, and one of my favorite, Berry Ciroc!

Oh, not to mention Uncle Richard and his boat!

I mean the music was faantastic and it was so enjoyable watching her family jump off of the boat into the ocean, priceless!
Before i started writing, I was looking through the pictures of all the many faces that walk though those doors, and I instantly smiled. OMG you all are so beautiful! Not only physically but your inner beauty is just as amazing.

I’ve sat with all of you and at one point or another engaged in conversation and you all are intelligent as well. I do enjoy watching quality people as you walk through those doors. WOW, I have been so blessed with such a gift from God, you all!

Thank you, I love you and I look forward to seeing you at the cocktail benefit on the 15th!

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