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Greetings! Can…

28 Jun



Can you believe we are approaching July already?! 


I tell you, time wait’s for no man! And, what a great summer we are having! 


Yes, its been some hot days but a lot of beautiful nights. I love summer 2012, very busy of course, but I’m learning to relax and enjoy the lovely days and evenings that God has allowed me to see. I can’t thank you all enough for your support and generosity not only at the bar but your community involvement as well.


 May God bless you all.


I have been spe…

28 Jun

I have been spending a lot of time with my dad lately, his face lights up every time I walk into his room. 🙂 


I’ve also been spending some time with my god son Nicolas, what a joy! Just enjoying family and friends! 


And, too all of my friends who have been entertaining me during the season at their homes, I will say it’s like old times only now you all are entertaining me! I LOVE IT! 


With that said, who knows when I’ll put my kitchen back together! 😉


If theres ever been a time for us as a people to stick together, love each other, and keep each other in prayer, is now. Being a D.C. native, I can defiantly see the change and have even experienced the change. 


All the building, and tearing down of old and new buildings, neighborhoods I can hardly recognize, and everything thats happening within our city council…


Good ‘ole Washington, DC.. My home.. My Business.. My Family.. My Life..






 Well, time go…

20 Jun


Well, time goes fast when you’re having fun. I have enjoyed all of the dinners, get togethers, and spontaneous house visits during my birthday month. I am a very lucky guy to have so many beautiful people that have celebrated with me. And, have shown they’re continued generosity, year after year for my annual cocktail benefit.


Words can’t express how grateful I am and I thank God for all of you. A special thanks to the team who helped with the cocktail party; Johnny, Brenda, Larry, Helen, Ron, the CollegeBound team, Catfish Friday’s, Georgia Brown’s, William’s Warehouse, and my old stomping ground Portfolio Management Group. I could not have done this without you.


You would not believe the amount of work that was done in only three short weeks. I tell you, God always works it out. 


Thank God for giving me strength! 


I am more determined now than ever before, no turning back. We have grown sooooo much, and its because of you. 


Love you, and remember to BE HAPPY!




I know you must…

19 Jun

I know you must stay the course but God sometimes it’s seemingly more than you can bare… Its Saturday night here at the spot and the energy is a 10, great drinks, the music is on point and the people…. WOW FAAANTASTIC!


My prayer is that one day want my hours of operation to be like all of the surrounding bars in the U st corridor..


I close at 1. All the other bars close at 3… Oh well it’s my journey. It will get better. I know it will..


 It’s Tuesday…

6 Jun


It’s Tuesday night here at the spot, relaxing on the couch after quite a few patron shots. Thanks to the group of Masons that come in on Tuesday’s & Wednesdays starting the birthday celebration early. Real chill very sexy but most of all very me…. 


Young & older brothers watching the game the sisters drinking there wine, a couple on a date and a few other couples having a round of beers. What a beautiful evening!


Thank god for giving me life and that more abundantly I am truly grateful!