Well, time go…

20 Jun


Well, time goes fast when you’re having fun. I have enjoyed all of the dinners, get togethers, and spontaneous house visits during my birthday month. I am a very lucky guy to have so many beautiful people that have celebrated with me. And, have shown they’re continued generosity, year after year for my annual cocktail benefit.


Words can’t express how grateful I am and I thank God for all of you. A special thanks to the team who helped with the cocktail party; Johnny, Brenda, Larry, Helen, Ron, the CollegeBound team, Catfish Friday’s, Georgia Brown’s, William’s Warehouse, and my old stomping ground Portfolio Management Group. I could not have done this without you.


You would not believe the amount of work that was done in only three short weeks. I tell you, God always works it out. 


Thank God for giving me strength! 


I am more determined now than ever before, no turning back. We have grown sooooo much, and its because of you. 


Love you, and remember to BE HAPPY!




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