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 Greetings, I…

31 Jul


Greetings, I’m happy to say that things are looking up. If you’ve been reading my blog, there has been a lot of rocky moments occurring in the past few months. Wow, so I’m here to give you my testimony.


Even when things are rough, and you feel like throwing in the towel, I encourage you to persevere the best is yet to come!


Love you all so much and I greatly appreciate your prayers and support!






Greetings!  W…

27 Jul



Working hard as usual! I will say sometimes it appears to be a little overwhelming at the same time, I have never been so determined about anything in my life.


I have learned whats meant to be will be. And what God has for me, its done. 


Be encouraged!


I look back and see how far I have come and only by God’s grace favor and mercy had brought me to this place. 


Love always,




 Where in the …

17 Jul

Where in the hell have I been, how come I’m just noticing all of this. I pray for our black men, otherwise we don’t stand a chance. Doing my usual running around working with my worker Nino & my godson Nick, who’s working with me this summer, from one area of the city to the next, I observed so many whites cock-tailing having outdoor dinning in various neighborhoods, NE, SE, & NW.

While on more than ten occasions our young brothers handcuffed being hauled away in police cars.

I honestly now am fully aware of rasicm not only have I seen in with my own eyes, but have experienced it first hand. My business is in an area that is being regentrified.

Trust me at times it’s very obvious by, sum not all. That I’m not welcomed.. I love my people and every opportunity I get, I want my brothers and sisters to know how proud I am of all of you, all over the universe.

Yes a lot of us are doing well and have come out of poverty, which is great!

Like Harriet Tubman lets go back and call our brothers and sisters who have not been so fortunate.


OMG, I finally …

11 Jul

OMG, I finally had the opportunity to watch Celebrity X-Wives, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Big Ang, and Single Ladies. LOL How entertaining…..


What a great we…

11 Jul

What a great weekend at the spot this past Sunday my entire family and friends came to the bar to celebrate my dads 66th birthday. 

It was a very special occasion. It also was the first time I entertained my family at the lounge. What a great feeling!

It remind me of old times, I was able to reconnect with a relative I had not seen in quite a while. Of course the spread prepared by my cooks, Kyle, and, Ms. Christine made everyone feel at home.

The turkey, ham, fried & baked chicken, pulled pork, fresh collards, stuffing, mac & cheese, potato salad, cornbread, and lots of deserts; including Ms. Christine’s famous peach cobbler.. AMAZING.

We chatted, sang spirituals, exchanged contact info & had a great time. I believe my late grandma Perkins would have been proud. Thanks Perkins/Blow family for celebrating my dads birthday. It meant al to to the both of us & to my close friends who are my extended family, I thank you as well!

What I like about my friends they have been around so long, my aunties and uncles consider the to be there extended nieces & nephews.. WOW I love my friends we have grown so much and most importantly on the come up we love, support, and cherish each other. 

What a blessing from god.

I also want to thank Tiffany for my lovely soap she brought back for me while in the Islands vacationing. Tiff you have such an amazing spirit! Thanks for thinking about me!


Having a great …

11 Jul

Having a great conversation with my mom this morning the usual checking in of course she asked me how I was doing & hows business. Just always so encouraging. She shared some thoughts with me that I want to share with you..


In her exact words to never give up, give out, take a break. But never ever give up. It’s a sign of hopelessness.. 


I know it gets hard and trials hit us on every hand.. Trust me I know…


To all of my brothers and sisters I encourage you to never ever give up and to keep hope alive!




 I had a great…

6 Jul


I had a great 4th of July, thanks to Wiley and Sabrina, who hosted a FAAANTASTIC cocktail party! 




And, before going there I was invited to join my extended family, Darrell and LeJune at a family cookout.


The food was AMAZING! 



I try my best to make every event that I am invited to, thanks so much for thinking of me when hosting your parties! 


Incase I’m unable to attend please know I’m there in spirit!