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23 Aug

The hardest part about change is the initial step. I’m so happy I made that initial step, when I changed my career from event conference planner to Bar Owner.


Yea, its a lot of work, but God has put some amazing people in my life to help me walk this path I was predestined to take.


I know I say it all the time, but I’m telling you these words come straight from my heart. There’s no me without you.



















15 Aug

Hello, to all of you great looking people!


Working hard as usual, growing a business. Like I said before, don’t ask me where I get the energy, to come to work everyday, take time out for friends and family, and still maintain sanity!


Then again, if that question is asked, the answer is nobody by God. We’ve been having some amazing times here at the spot, this past weekend, Friday some of my old friends surprised me and came down to party with me, I definatly enjoyed that! And, Saturday the Harvard university alumni celebrated an amazing party hosted by Salem. Salem(Harvard Grad), you can host your parties here any time!




PS. Your friends were all good looking! 😉



Thanks again for everything! All of you! We are approaching an anniversary December 31st, my God my God, thank you, for the people you have put in my path to follow the vision that you gave me.




Great Friday ni…

7 Aug

Great Friday night.. My heart was over joyed. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I hugged my photographer Ann, who is amazing!!, with tears rolling down my eyes as what once was a dream, is now my reality!! 

Met a old dear friend at the house and reminisced about the good ole’ days!

Remembering the good ole’ brothers that are either dead or incarcerated and our hard working sisters who have held it down!

Getting education, working & raising children! 

I understand, and get it, much love! I respect hard work and talent!!