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26 Sep


I was having a conversation with an old friend, haven’t seen him in years. Nothing wrong really, and it wasn’t him it was me. I’m the person that has changed, sooooooooo much. We were talking or should I say he was talking about the latest fashion and telling me about his new fall wardrobe which happens to be my favorite time of year.


Well, I must say the conversation to me appeared to be very pretentious and shallow and I remember having those same conversations and really enjoying listening to that nonsense.


Am I still into it?, of course I am! Do I want to talk about no I don’t!


Now my conversations are so different, I’m talking to my staff about inventory, I’m meeting with non-profit groups trying to figure out what can I do to help, and encouraging my friends who are brokenhearted and some family and friends who are ill. And, some who are suffering from depression trying to bring a little joy into their lives.


Well… I guess I’ve changed a little, or did I just grow up…


 Greetings, ju…

21 Sep


Greetings, just to encourage you a little. Remember to be all you can be and whatever you do, do it well!


Biblically speaking the race is not given to the swift, nor to the strong, but to the ones that endure to the end. I encourage you my brothers and sisters all over the universe, to hang in there. The best is yet to come. 




Darnell & Taylor

Saturday Night..

16 Sep

Saturday Night at the bar, having a cocktail with a good friend and he said something that literally brought tears to my eyes.. He said to me you have people around you that truly care about you and thats priceless.


He is soooo correct thank you for always having my best intrest at heart and truly loving me the way I love you!