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Aside 24 Oct

Ok, where in the hell do I start…


Small business owner.. Always an issue at work that requires my immediate attention.. Also getting people that work for me to understand and follow the vision of Darnell’s. 


Transitioning my Dad from the nursing home to becoming his full-time care taker, also creating positions for my god-son and my younger male cousins to have, keeping them busy and making sure they stay out of trouble, mentoring my young adult cousins the best way I can, visiting the sick, keeping in contact with the people that I love, And renovating two homes.. 



OMG… I am so overwhelmed…


But what do you not do?….


Well, my career is very important to me. Also my family is very important to me. My friends, are very important to me. And, where I lay my head is very important to me.


Everything I’ve mentioned above, MUST GET DONE.




I was thinking…

10 Oct

The age I am now, my friends and some relatives, I grew up with have children that are now young adults. And, some with teenage children. Is it me or a lot of these teenagers/young adults are spoiled out of there mind. 


We have worked so hard to become successful people and in my case nothing was given to me. I have worked for every last thing, but it’s hard to explain to your friends to instruct their kids to work like we do and not just give them everything. 


My god son Nicholas,16, asked me for a $250 iPod well I told Nicholas he can come to Darnell’s a couple hours before opening to clean tables, wash windows, mop the floors, 10 hrs a week at minimum wage. Well of course I could have just purchased the iPod for $250, but I thought about it. I work so hard and $250 don’t come easy. So to teach him the value of money, and work ethic he can calculate how many hours he would need to work to get what he wants. 


I said all of that to say let’s teach our children, Work Ethic. And the value of a dollar. I also encourage you not to give young people everything they ask for, even if you meet them half way. Make them earn it.







You must have t…

2 Oct

You must have the desire to succeed! Success is all around us, it’s totally up to you!

Yes there are millions of educators, stylist, builders, planners, lawyers, doctors, and in my case bar owners.

Yes its all the same until you put your creativity to whats already been done. What I love about the human race is we all have our own individual way of doing things… 


Whatever you do in your life, be you!