27 Nov

It’s Monday…


My day off, at home, relaxing…


From a GREAT weekend @ the spot!


Still doing a lot of work in the house, countless trips to Home Depot, Lowes, you know getting fat, eating all the wrong shit. Wendy’s, Checker’s, etc… LOL


I’m so proud of myself because tonight I cooked. Had a great salad, and made teriyaki chicken tenders, AMAZING!


P.S I now bartend on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays come check out my bar tending skills, and if you come tomorrow I’ll make you some on the house!


Ced (my web content manager), came over to do a little social media work.


And, while at home totally relaxed I began to thank God for all of his many blessings. I can’t speak for you, I can only speak for myself, God has been an amazing force in my life. I’m Joyful because God has blessed me with a platform to do exactly what I dreamed about.


My vision for Darnell’s has truly manifested itself. My mission in life is to bring people together in love, peace, and harmony. Of course I want my business to grow financially, what business owner doesn’t. My vision, has truly become a reality. I’m grateful that God has used me to be a blessing to you and most important he’s given you to me as a blessing.


I’m also elated that real people still exist. It’s funny, I’ve witnessed folks who’ve come in the spot and had no idea that it was as chilled and comfortable as it was. Some folk refer Darnell’s to they’re favorite Aunts house, or Grandma’s. I’ve witnessed folk who visited for the first time and ask for wine list, or a menu. LOL we have neither, yet!


I said all of that to say, being genuine outweighs it all. What I recognize in the hearts and souls of all of our members who have kept these doors open, I love your genuineness. I truly appreciate you allowing me to be exactly who I am all the time. When I’m feeling high, and low, if you see me in my hoodie with my bedroom shoes, or in a suit and loafers. We both understand what place either of us is in at that time. What I love about you all is you tolerate me! 😉


I love you,



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  1. Jackie December 19, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    and we love you too babe!!!! Jackie xoxoxo!

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