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Aside 28 Dec


What are your true thoughts about family? I would really like to know… As crazy as it may sound, I love my family and in most cases just because I was taught that you are suppose to love them no matter what. But, I truly love my friends more. Over the Christmas holiday’s I had the pleasure of spending time with my relatives, it was a nice time, but I couldn’t wait to get together with my good friends. 

When it comes down to it, I’m more relaxed around my friends we have conversations, deep conversations, and none of us are easily offended. My mom and both dads are very loving, and have loved me unconditionally, and I love them sooooo so much. A few cousins I feel the same way about, and maybe a couple of aunties and uncles out of 20 I truly like. Again the word “love” do I really love them? Do I even like them? Can I stand to be in the same room with them for more than an hour? This may sound bad but it’s the truth, and on my journey I’ve learned the truth has set me free!



Aside 19 Dec

You know that’s really fucked up, how crazy these motherfuckers are.. 


I mean to go into an elementary school and kill children and adults.. I mean Jesus, what’s next!? 


What I don’t understand is if you want to kill yourself, just go ahead and do it. Why kill others before killing yourself? And, you know whats even sadder is , we live and work amongst these crazy motherfuckers without even knowing how sick these people are..


I do understand mental illness a little bit… But, really…. Enough already. This shit is fucking ridiculous.. 



And while I’m venting… I’m sick of people begging, I mean do you have any idea how hard I work just to pay bills.. Stop asking me for shit! Go get a job, and if your job is not paying enough, get a second one! I’m not a bank, and there is not enough to take care of my responsibilities and yours…


Thanks for listening,


19 Dec

Do you remember your mom & dad telling you to stay out of the streets…. Tryin there best to shield and protect you…


I remember all of the fun we had in the streets, drinking, smoking, partying, hanging out, whereever and with whomever… Growing up in DC at that time was considered the murder capital of the world & it was also the beginning of the crack epidemic. Which I’ve seen with my own eyes destroy families no matter what there economic status was.

I also remember hanging out @ the black hole, which is now a dentist office on Georgia Ave, the Ibex, which is now a condo building, the Mirage in SW, now the grounds of the new baseball stadium, luxury apartments, and upscale offices…
I also remember getting my Nissan Sentra washed at Sparkels car wash, which sat directly across the street from Darnell’s bar, where all the drunks & addicts hung out all hours of the day and night. I remember first street where my Auntie Joann Perkins PH.D started a community center where I taught piano to young neighborhood kids who were poor, volunteer during Thanksgiving feeding the hungry, and on Christmas day at the shelter on 2nd & D singing Christmas carols while giving out toys with the late Mitch Snyder.


What great memories!!


I have lived in every section of Washington DC & its a beautiful city. So to my parents who told me to stay out of those streets,  well you were probably right, but how do we know whats good unless we experience bad.


Being a native Washingtonian where, my family, home, & business resides… Thanks for embracing me the way I embrace my city… The nations capital, Washington, DC.