Aside 19 Dec

You know that’s really fucked up, how crazy these motherfuckers are.. 


I mean to go into an elementary school and kill children and adults.. I mean Jesus, what’s next!? 


What I don’t understand is if you want to kill yourself, just go ahead and do it. Why kill others before killing yourself? And, you know whats even sadder is , we live and work amongst these crazy motherfuckers without even knowing how sick these people are..


I do understand mental illness a little bit… But, really…. Enough already. This shit is fucking ridiculous.. 



And while I’m venting… I’m sick of people begging, I mean do you have any idea how hard I work just to pay bills.. Stop asking me for shit! Go get a job, and if your job is not paying enough, get a second one! I’m not a bank, and there is not enough to take care of my responsibilities and yours…


Thanks for listening,



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