11 Jan



This place has turned into party central! Which is a good thing! I just need to realize me dancing on chairs and tables can’t be done every night of the week. LOL


It reminds me of all the fun I had growing up here in the Nations Capital. After all of the celebrating past New Years my body all of a sudden shut down. I had caught the flu and so happy thats over. It gave me the opportunity to get lots of rest which was very well needed.


I’m so excited about 2013, no new news just moving forward with what I have to do right now. My business has grown tremendously thanks to you all and I’ve also matured a lot. Holding the position of being a positive influence in bringing people together and having the platform to do it. I couldn’t ask God for anything bigger!


I love you all so very much, and thank you for being a part of my life.


I’ve seen people come and I’ve seen them go. I’ve had relationships with people that I thought would be forever that are no longer in existence. And, I’ve built new relationships with people that at times I can’t believe they have not been a part of my life from the beginning.


I’m very fortunate to still have a few good old friends and very blessed to have a lot of new supporters, people that I’ve only known a short while where we instantly connected. God is great, and weather you know it or not this you and me thing was planned from the beginning.


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