Aside 5 Mar

I was so stressed Friday moping and pouting making it very obvious that something was on my mind. Well my buddies Frank and James came to the bar and instantly detected something was wrong & immediately told me look, get the hell away from me with that moping and pouting.

Unexpectedly they actually moved from the table from where I was sitting, and said these words “You will not bring that negative energy into my space tonight”. I was shocked but, then I thought about it and they were absolutely right.

So many times we want people to joint our pity parties. What they taught me was just because you are invited to a pity party does not mean you have to go. Its not rude to remove yourself from negative energy….

It also made me realize what I was complaining about was small stuff. And, I try to make it my business to never sweat the small stuff. We complain we get upset we get all in a tizzy about small shit that really don’t matter. Keep your energy up!

And remember… Just because your invited to a pity party doesn’t mean you have to go!



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