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 April 25th! Geeeeezz!  Really, where does it really

29 Apr


April 25th! Geeeeezz!  Really, where does it really go!? 


I was told years ago, the older you get, the faster time passes. And, when you think about it. It waits for no one.. People are born and die everyday. And, time stays the same.. 


But never the less, it’s almost that time of year for me again. Come June 6th I will be celebrating another birthday, lords willing. Friday June 7th will be my pre-party here at the bar. Saturday the 8th, I will be hosting my annual cocktail party from 6 to 9 pm here at the bar.


And, the after party immediately following!


Please join me during these celebrations! 


More information to come.

Aside 18 Apr




Sorry I’ve been missing in action. Please believe me, I’ve been totally busy de-cluttering!


It actually feels good, to get rid of so much shit. I had no idea that I had become a hoarder! 


I had enough stuff to furnish two friends entire houses, now you know thats a shame… 


With all that said, I’m glad to know all of the things I have collected is now placed in good homes. I also switched out a couple chairs and a sofa at the bar which fits perfectly in that space. 


Got a new hair cut, and have been sticking to my diet! I have been having this conversation with my close friends and staff about reinventing ourselves. 


Changing it up a little bit…


Maturing, and growing…


I would have never thought in a million years, that I would walk around with an almost bald head. I also never thought I would have only one sofa in a living room. 


I’m so excited about this new chapter in my life, I have been looking forward to it. I also believe that God is preparing me for something greater.


The theme song amongst my dearest friends is “Started from the bottom, and now we’re here!”.


Can you believe 25 years went by that fast! I’m proud to say in my circle we all have worked hard, and none of us was born with a silver spoon. By Gods grace, he has brought us this far and I believe the best is yet to come.


I love you all so much, and I truly appreciate you.


And, it goes without saying, thank you for letting me be myself.



My dog SUPER! Relaxing in the Den

3 Apr


Aside 2 Apr



Hopefully, your Easter was as eventful as mine! Started at Patrice and Stan’s, what a lovely time! 


Then at my extended families home, I chowed down on the most amazing sweet potatoes I’ve ever eaten, amongst other great things.


It was good to eat amongst great people enjoying each others company. My Easter put me in the spirit of gratefulness. The reality was, I was amongst great people. 


It also made me understand even more my role. I believe all of us have a role to play, and the sooner we learn to play our role the happier we will be. 


I so enjoy embracing my age, boy have I learned a lot! With that being said, it’s my mission to serve as a mentor to young people leading by example. By doing that, I’m just Darnell, I can only present to you who I truly am.


I love you all so much, whether you know it or not, you have definitely been the wing beneath my wings.