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It’s me again!

11 Jul

If you have been following me you would notice I’ve been doing a countdown of each holiday. Oh well, as you all know we just celebrated the Fourth of July, which was great!

Had the pool cleaned just in time for family and friends to come over for and impromptu barbecue. My adopted nieces and nephews are growing so fast!

But, like I said, time waits for no man, and what we do with it is totally up to us. As you may know I’m also taking care of my dad’s business and personal affairs, who has lou gehrig’s disease, celebrated

his birthday this past Monday, so grateful to spend another birthday with my dad.

Sometimes overwhelmed with everyday life shit, business and personal, my terminally ill dad, growing a small business, etc etc etc…

I have learned not to complain, stay strong, and do the best I can which is all I can do and be faithful over a little knowing it will become much. But, most importantly maintaining.

I’ve seen it, and have also experienced it, weather it was a new house, car, or job. It’s not getting those things, which is commendable, but whats even more commendable is maintaining. Being grateful for the small things that eventually turn into the big things.