12 Sep

I have a confession to make, nahhhhhhhhh.


 Y’all not ready for that! 


Or, should I say, I’m not ready to reveal my bad habits! 


But I will say I do have some very bad habits and when you’re my age with bad habits, they are definitely hard to break. 


Smoking cigarettes is one of them, I don’t know why I can not break that habit. But I told myself, “Self, as we approach 2014 that will not be a part of your make up.”, -Darnell the smoker.


 I’m not a specialist, I can only speak on how I feel. I do feel that bad habits can effect you in many ways. For example, some of the company we keep, yea people can also be a bad habit. You have been around these people for so long, that even you don’t want to realize that theres a difference between the two. Or you can say you’ve out grown each other, yea that can be possible, but how is that possible when you know you should be somewhere else, doing something else, or with someone else. 


A lot of times I’m scared, yes I’m scared, because I know better, and I also know there is better… And, until we break these bad habits our “better”, will never see fruition. 


Thanks for listening, I love you.



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