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Aside 14 Nov

You know what… Enough about me and my thoughts.. If you are as truthful with yourself as I am, I would love to hear from you individually. Let me know how you really feel; it can be family or work related, or hell just life point blank period.. 


I love you all





7 Nov

It’s me again, I hope you all don’t mind being my listening ear, being as though I can’t afford a therapist, lol! Everyday I’m alive it’s a learning process and the older I become the wiser I’m becoming. 


With a few bumps here and there, I’m getting it though. 


I’m guilty of a lot of things, I must admit.. None of which I’m ashamed of just breaking those chains slowly but surely that sometimes keeps me bound. 


Being a small business owner/entrepreneur it really showed me my true strengths and put the spotlight on my weaknesses. I found myself complaining a lot which is something I never used to do I was taught at an early age to never complain but lately it seems hard not too.


When in reality I’m dealing with so many obstacles, but on the positive side when I look around and see how fortunate I am. There’s no room for complaints. 


Truthfully speaking at times I’m scared I will fail, I’ve had sleepless nights hoping and praying that I make it. 


Coming from a very humble beginning with no financial backing, just working with the blank canvas I was given and being creative as hell! I still can’t believe it sometimes, Darnell’s that little place that sits on the corner of Florida and W, wow. 


I meet people everyday, some of which theres an instant connection its like love at first sight, and then they’re those that grow on me, I didn’t necessarily understand them in the beginning but they’re cool! 


Then its the other group, we’re not even going to talk about them..


I said all of that to say… whomever you are… weather you started out with me from the beginning, middle, or present… In my world, you’ve served your purpose.


Is there a reason for me to ever complain?


Hell to the FUCK NO!  I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.