Aside 3 Dec


Can you believe it?! 


It’s Thanksgiving already… 


Man… where does time go? Like the old folk used to say, time waits for no man. Even though things have changed a lot in the past few years when it comes to  celebrating the holidays its become very commercial. 


I don’t necessarily like the change… But it is what it is… 


What I have embraced, is my blended family. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year at the house and what I have noticed in my personal life I tend to spend more time with my blended family than my blood relatives. I used to have the mindset “No new friends..” but after meeting such great people at the bar who have been more supportive than some of blood relatives could or would have ever been it gave me a different mindset.


I have been fortunate to actually have both which in most cases is unheard of, great parents, aunts, uncles, and some cousins who we truly adore each other. I’ve also been truly blessed with a whole new group of folk who have shown me lots of love throughout the past 3 to 4 years, and I love and adore them just as much. And would be very disappointed if I did not celebrate these joyus holidays with them as well.


Think about it my friends are my family.


Enjoy your holiday and celebrate with people you love.



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