12 Dec


So much going on which is a good thing.. I couldn’t imagine waking up everyday and there was absolutely nothing going on, or should I say, nothing to do.. 


During the holiday season I always get this feeling of gratefulness. Grateful that I made it this far as we get closer to 2014.  


It’s been a good year pretty challenging as well, but I’ve made it through. Thank God-almighty. 


Wishful thinking, yes I was at Safeway and stopped to pick up my mega million lottery ticket as well and in my car while driving to work I thought of a million things I would do with that $400 million dollars, oh well. Like I said wishful thinking, in the meantime I’m grateful for what I’ve been blessed with and most importantly my brain still works! So whether I win or not I must continue to use my brain to stay in business another year.


I love you all so much! 




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