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Aside 23 Jan

A Winner… Well one would think we all want to win.


The reality is, some win and some lose. I asked myself what makes a winner?


I have been watching winners all my life not realizing they were my teachers. What I learned is winners never quit. A winner fights to the very end.


Its not that a winners journey is any easier, a winner preserves and endures to the end. In 2014 I’m also speaking things that are not as though they were. Hell my girl Ne-Ne Leaks said it best. I’m rich bitch. She spoke it into existence.


Much respect to those who dare to, when seemingly the odds are against you, and you feel like giving up or you didn’t have a clue that the journey would be so hard. 


How much time are we putting into our crafts, gifts, purpose & how much time are we focusing on funerary, bullshit and dealing with motherfuckers who don’t give a shit weather your ass was dead or fucking alive.


It’s all coming to me now, not saying it in a bragotious way. I am a winner. I know exactly what I want, and better late that never, I’m going to use the gifts that god gave me to take me exactly where I’m supposed to be. 



I won’t quit.. at times I’m scared and feel like giving up. But I can’t quit, with you all behind me encouraging me rooting and praying for me, it keeps me going.


What I love about the new America, it includes people like myself. As fucked up as it appears to be, it is the land of opportunity. Not being a quitter, I will win! Let’s practice saying those exact words knowing, we are to Legit to Quit!



Aside 10 Jan

Have a great 2014, be in it to win it! 


Blog post coming soon…