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In the beginning..

27 Feb

When I was coming up, the school system did not have the “Headstart” Program… I was fortunate enough to have my Grandma, the late Malissa Blow Perkins, as my first teacher. Then their is pre-school and so on… 


I was home thinking about my life and when it all began. It actually began, at the age of 2, everything has a beginning, and and we all we’re taught in some form or another. And, who we are today is a reflection of who taught us.


My Mom tells me all the time,  when I bitch and complain, about the behavior of some folk around my age or older, or should I say… Over 30.


Why this… Why that… 


And she say’s to me, ” Everyone was not raised the way you were.”, So for some they clearly don’t know any better. For example,  letting the old lady have your seat on the bus. Or when grown folk are having a conversation, kids leave the room.. You get what I’m saying.. 


I’m sooo blessed to have been raised in that era where the village helped raise me. All 10 of my Aunties, 3 Uncles, a Mom and a Dad. And hell I didn’t mention my Great Aunties & Uncles. Who most of you have met, they taught me values, morals, respect, hard work, compassion, and most importantly love. 


In my household like the bar, I was surrounded by people of all walks of life. Blacks, whites, straight, gay, people of Muslim faith, etc.. Just good people. So its easy for me to entertain all people many years later.


You want to hear something funny? I respect the beginning so much that I’m the person that picks up a penny if I see it on the ground, and actually get excited about it. When most people will walk by the penny, toss a penny or if you are in a store, and your change maybe 3 cents you might say don’t worry about it keep it. 


I understand the penny because in order to get to 1 billion, guess where it started…


We are living in an age now where we want to skip the beginning and go straight to the billion, but in order for you to respect the billion you must respect the penny.


Learning is a must, and all those Aunties and Uncles, Mom, Dad, Grandma, used to tell me all the time. Your never to old to learn.. I totally get it, I also believe at some point depending on your age we become teachers and put what was taught to good use by teaching young folk what they may have missed growing up.


It’s a wonderful feeling sharing what I have learned, yet still learning. Not knowing that I have become a role model to so many young folk without even knowing it. However I am, who I am, all started with a beginning.