Aside 23 Jan

A Winner… Well one would think we all want to win.


The reality is, some win and some lose. I asked myself what makes a winner?


I have been watching winners all my life not realizing they were my teachers. What I learned is winners never quit. A winner fights to the very end.


Its not that a winners journey is any easier, a winner preserves and endures to the end. In 2014 I’m also speaking things that are not as though they were. Hell my girl Ne-Ne Leaks said it best. I’m rich bitch. She spoke it into existence.


Much respect to those who dare to, when seemingly the odds are against you, and you feel like giving up or you didn’t have a clue that the journey would be so hard. 


How much time are we putting into our crafts, gifts, purpose & how much time are we focusing on funerary, bullshit and dealing with motherfuckers who don’t give a shit weather your ass was dead or fucking alive.


It’s all coming to me now, not saying it in a bragotious way. I am a winner. I know exactly what I want, and better late that never, I’m going to use the gifts that god gave me to take me exactly where I’m supposed to be. 



I won’t quit.. at times I’m scared and feel like giving up. But I can’t quit, with you all behind me encouraging me rooting and praying for me, it keeps me going.


What I love about the new America, it includes people like myself. As fucked up as it appears to be, it is the land of opportunity. Not being a quitter, I will win! Let’s practice saying those exact words knowing, we are to Legit to Quit!



Aside 10 Jan

Have a great 2014, be in it to win it! 


Blog post coming soon…

Aside 3 Dec


Can you believe it?! 


It’s Thanksgiving already… 


Man… where does time go? Like the old folk used to say, time waits for no man. Even though things have changed a lot in the past few years when it comes to  celebrating the holidays its become very commercial. 


I don’t necessarily like the change… But it is what it is… 


What I have embraced, is my blended family. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year at the house and what I have noticed in my personal life I tend to spend more time with my blended family than my blood relatives. I used to have the mindset “No new friends..” but after meeting such great people at the bar who have been more supportive than some of blood relatives could or would have ever been it gave me a different mindset.


I have been fortunate to actually have both which in most cases is unheard of, great parents, aunts, uncles, and some cousins who we truly adore each other. I’ve also been truly blessed with a whole new group of folk who have shown me lots of love throughout the past 3 to 4 years, and I love and adore them just as much. And would be very disappointed if I did not celebrate these joyus holidays with them as well.


Think about it my friends are my family.


Enjoy your holiday and celebrate with people you love.


Aside 14 Nov

You know what… Enough about me and my thoughts.. If you are as truthful with yourself as I am, I would love to hear from you individually. Let me know how you really feel; it can be family or work related, or hell just life point blank period.. 


I love you all



Aside 25 Oct


I got a real lashing from , God himself, he spoke to me and said these exact words, ” Darnell, everything you have asked me for, didn’t I give it to you?” My response, was “Yes.”, Then he said,” What I want you to do is to take a break from asking and look at all I have blessed you with and instead of asking for more thank me more.” 



Aside 26 Sep

I had great intentions to change somethings since the last time you all read this. Do you remember I was talking about my bad habits?  Well, since then nothing has changed.. Still smoking cigarettes, still eating the wrong shit and some other things I care not to discuss at this present time. Well at least I tried, and will continue to recognize there is a problem. And hopefully one of these days I will be be writing, “I used to….”. 


I love y’all, and thanks for listening,



Aside 5 Sep

I know it’s been a while, I’ve been very busy at the bar of course. And, also taking care of my terminally ill Dad. 


Yea, its a lot, but I manage to get everything done. 


Even though sometimes I am very tired God gives me strength to do all that needs to be done.


I truly believe that both growth and maturity comes with age and the universal class of hard knock life. Some pass with flying colors, some barely make it through, but at some point they end up getting it. And, then they’re those who no matter what will do the same shit every day of their lives, same story, same bullshit, just a different day. And for what ever reason never seem to catch a break. 


A lot of times these are people we either grew up with or at one time or another had a close relationship with and in some cases even our relatives. 


I can only speak for myself not saying its wrong or right there are some conversations that I once had with friends or acquaintances that for many years wouldn’t bother me. But, now I’m all grown up and have a million things to do on a daily basis. My tolerance for idle conversation is zero..


It’s still a lot I need to accomplish and projects that need to be completed. 


What I’ve learned is that, when you focus on yourself, making sure that you are spiritually and financially stable and capable of taking care of yourself. It is definitely a full time job.


So really your not interested in hearing about someones up’s, or downs. Of course I’m happy for you when things are going well, and my heart is sad when things are not.


We all have those days.


It’s time for us all to grow up, and stop whining and complaining about what was and whats now. Let’s do our best to make it, the best way possible.


It’s so important to pass life’s lessons earlier on. When you are young its expected to be young, dumb and foolish, but when you are in the same place in your life at 40, that you were when you were in your teens or twenties. Thats a major problem. I’ve heard that I’ve changed, the answer is “Yes I have changed!”, I’sa grown now!. I know the ingredients that makes up Darnell and foolishness is not one of them. 


Remember, whats best for you is not necessarily best for me.


Question; Do you even know whats best for you?